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By Anthony Young

This booklet fills a necessity for an entire historical past of the Lunar Roving car used on Apollo 15, sixteen and 17, drawing on many pictures by no means earlier than released. It additionally tells the tale of the robot rovers used on Mars, and concludes with an outline of the hot designs of rovers deliberate for the recent imaginative and prescient for Exploration now underway at NASA.

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S. Geologic Survey and the Army Corps of Engineers. The LRV may have been small in relation to such gargantuan vehicles as the Saturn V and its crawler transporter, but it would prove just as all-encompassing in its design development, construction, testing, flight readiness and crew accommodation and safety. THE LRV: A SPACECRAFT WITHOUT PRECEDENT The Apollo Command Module built upon the lessons learned from the Mercury and Gemini capsules. The Saturn V drew heavily from all that was learned from the Saturn I and other smaller launch vehicles.

One of the NASA guys knocked on the door and then opened it. We drove the rover model into his office, and von Braun was on the phone. ' That gave us an opportunity to tell him what we could do. '' That series of events is corroborated by Ferenc Pavlics, one of Romano's chief engineers. Pavlics had fled the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 and succeeded in coming to the United States. Dr. Bekker felt Pavlics to be a good intuitive engineer, 14 From concept to reality Smaller vehicles were requested by NASA as a follow-on program to the larger MTAs.

The reason we had the flex spline was so the rotating parts could be sealed and would not be subjected to the vacuum of space and the potential intrusion of lunar dust. In a vacuum, if the bearing was lubricated, the lubrication would boil off. Also the DC motor, which had a carbon brush, required moisture in order to survive when it was running on the commutator. So the motors were pressurized with nitrogen, having seven per cent moisture so the brushes wouldn't wear out. '' During development of the traction drive, a program was also underway to The Mobility Subsystem 33 develop brushless motors for use on the LRV, but in the end Saverio Morea felt more confident in the proven brush-type motor design.

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