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Which elements impression the implementation of weather switch measures within the ecu? Are there already any symptoms sooner than directive/law approval of (national) implementation problems which can later emerge? What are the must haves of profitable implementation? How do we version implementation? imposing weather switch Measures within the european presents solutions to those questions and introduces an all new implementation model.

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Consumers and businesses may enter problems online that are then handled by a national SOLVIT center. 10). 14). In 2006, the performance statistic was similarly high at 75 percent of all cases2 . However, does SOLVIT contribute much to better implementation records in the field we are interested in? Environmental cases are not among the most frequently handled cases by SOLVIT, as the system has a different focus, namely, on cross-border movement of goods and services. And, while SOLVIT is effective, we do not know if SOLVIT makes an efficient instrument.

7). In 2002, the situation had not changed much; 64 percent of all cases that were taken to the 4 Note the slightly different periods of time that are examined in the transposition and the infringement sections of this chapter. Infringement reports are available only from 1998 on. Also, at the time of the analysis, the 2005 report, prepared in 2006, had not yet been published. 10). But the EU also recognizes that the backlog reflects a structural problem within the Member States. 8). One such case is Germany.

Turning to the construction of the questionnaire, the chapter describes setup, questions asked, and proposed data splits for the analysis. Four such splits shape the structure of the following chapter’s analysis. Chapter 11 presents the analysis of the survey using the four data splits chosen. The first split, "group", consists of associations, governments, NGOs, and companies. It shows that while participants among different groups agree on the main problems, like, for example, a lack of sufficient early information, they disagree in other important parts.

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