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By Patricia S. Lulof, Carlo Rescigno

In old Italy, temples have been decorated with full-figure architectural terracotta photos corresponding to acroteria, statuary teams and excessive reliefs. those terracottas often convey complicated scenes of gods and heroes, mythical battles and legendary animals, in addition to huge volutes and palmettes. The fourth version of the Deliciae Fictiles meetings curious about this particular classification of more often than not home made terracotta roof ornament from Etruria and significant Italy, Campania, Magna Graecia and Sicily. the amount includes sixty contributions, publishing new fabric, new findings and plenty of new reconstructions of this hugely infrequent fabric from everywhere Italy from the Archaic interval into the Hellenistic instances. an unlimited bibliography and over 700 illustrations, lots of which in color, supply reference fabric for students and scholars of archaeology, historical structure and approach, paintings historical past and iconography.

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43 Versnel 1970, 255-284; Bonfante Warren 1970; Coarelli 1988, 433-437 (con bibl. ). 9. 1966), Genève 1967. 45 Mazzarino 1945. 1 His still fundamental study of EtruscoItalic architectural terracottas was published seventy years ago, and he would no doubt have been pleased and amazed to see the results of all the important research carried out since that time. The following two conferences, Deliciae Fictiles II and III, combined studies of a general focus with those that dealt with specific sites, Satricum in the case of Deliciae Fictiles II, and the area of Campania in the case of Deliciae Fictiles III.

4. 70, 72, 74-75, 86, 90). Fig. 5a. The pedimental reliefs of Vigna Marini Vitalini at Caere. THE LATE ARCHAIC MIRACLE. ROOF DECORATION IN CENTRAL ITALY BETWEEN 510 AND 450 BC 27 Fig. 5b. Hypothetical reconstruction of the front of the roof (Vigna Marini Vitalini). Fig. 6. Decorative elements of the Portonaccio temple at Veii (Gli Etruschi 2008, 201, pl. 1, 204, n. 1-2; Veio, Cerveteri, Vulci 2001, pl. 2). to reflect a new era, a new cultural atmosphere in the imagery that seems not to be Etruscan.

In any case, ancient sources give us independent evidence that there were Greek coroplasts working in Rome, exactly at the time when the Esquiline Amazon was created (fig. 11). Rome is considered the fountainhead in Central Italy for the activities of artists deliberately invited from Magna Graecia and Sicily to create an Italic ‘counter triad’ of Demeter-Persephone-Dionysos as an emblem replacing the Juno-Minerva-Jupiter of the recently expelled dynasty of the Tarquins. Seen this way, the decorative programme of the ‘grand’ temple at Satricum celebrates the victory in Rome itself of novel political ways and power relations.

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