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By David H Levy

Veteran comet hunter and eloquent well known astronomy author David H. Levy takes beginner sky-watchers on a desirable trip into deep area during this enthusiastic and informative survey of the various a ways far away but observable items within the evening sky. mild years past our sun procedure, deep sky gadgets comprise such fascinating phenomena as double and triple stars, nebulae, galaxies, and quasars. Designed to be available for even rookies, Levy's transparent, based descriptions will consultant astronomy buffs in any hemisphere and locale (light-polluted towns in addition to darkish geographical region) to the wonders of our huge, immense universe. because the discoverer or co-discoverer of twenty-one comets, together with the well-known Shoemaker-Levy nine that crashed into Jupiter in 1994, Levy has dedicated many a long time of expertise to watching the evening sky. through the years, he has situated over three hundred deep sky gadgets, of which greater than a hundred 'best and brightest' are featured during this publication. Levy deals a actual description and a dialogue of every object's historical past and sweetness, in addition to a celebrity atlas to help to find the items. continuing from items closest to our sunlight process to these farthest away, Levy provides readers an awe-inspiring glimpse into the constitution of the cosmos. whole with either color and black and white images, plus many useful illustrations, "Deep Sky gadgets" is the perfect consultant to the wonders of the universe for either skilled and beginner megastar gazers.

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Reflection nebulae are composed mostly of dust. We can see them only when they reflect light from nearby stars. As a consequence, reflection nebulae tend to be fainter than emission nebulae. NGC 1931 is a combination of both. 0 ~n September 10, 1966, while comet seeking under the bright lIghts of Montreal, I chanced upon an object that looked so much like a comet that I really thought I had bagged my first one. But on inspecting a star atlas, I found to my disappoint_ ment that my comet was none other than Messier 78, a bright nebula in Orion north of the Great Nebula.

Rich (more than one hundred stars) If the Cluster has nebulosity associated with it, an lin" follows. 0 Distance: about 3,000 light-years Best seen: year round from most of Northern Hemisphere, though best in winter; observable in city sky A bright grouping of stars centered around a double and a triple star Shapley class c; Trumpler class II 3 m n Back in 1966} while at Westmount High School in Montreal, my friend Carl Jorgensen and I were both active in observing and in encouraging others to observe; Carrs specialty was double stars.

This cluster}s stars are quite young and newly formed. In fact} the Elephant Trunk Nebula works its way through the duster; it is a cloud of gas and dust that contains the raw material for new stars. The reason I like this cluster is that it has a star attraction: the triple 1:2816 (or Struve 2816} for the astronomer Friedrich Georg Wilhelm Struve who first cataloged it in the 1830s)absolutely my favorite triple. Double Star 1:2819 is also quite beautiful. The rest of the cluster is very wide-about 5 degrees In diameter} with some branches of stars that trail off.

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