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By Celeste Condit

Condit presents a detailed examine how pro-life and pro-choice arguments have contributed to shaping the improvement of public coverage and personal perform. She bargains readers an orderly method throughout the barrage of rhetoric and a chance to spot and make clear our personal critiques on a truly tricky topic.

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Of course, this distinction is always politically loaded (our interests are argued, theirs are falsely addressed). This practice of political labelling, however, does not invalidate the theoretical utility and accuracy of the distinction between the persuasive and argumentative elements of rhetoric. , alliteration, rhythm, or antithesis). These persuasive devices function — through the aestheticization of the association between beliefs, attitudes, or values. In contrast, argument uses such elements of discourse as the "claim," supported by compelling and related evidence (sometimes called "data" or "ground"), linked by a warranting general principle.

Its 20. Giddens; Murray Edelman, The Symbolic Uses of Politics (Urbana: Uni- versity of Illinois Press, 1964), Politics as Symbolic Action (Chicago: Markham, Language (New York: Academic Press, 1975). 21. On "good reasons" see Karl Wallace, "The Substance of Rhetoric: Good Reasons," Quarterly Journal of Speech 49 (October 1963), 239-49, and Walter Fisher, "Toward a Logic of Good Reasons," Quarterly Journal of Speech 64 (December 1978), 376-84. 1971), Political 22. Jesse Jackson, in Democratic presidential primary debates, nationally and summer 1987.

I think Petchesky overdraws the case because liberal feminism is amply represented through Ms. magazine and many other sources. However, the current battle for hegemonic definition of "feminism" in the academy is working feverishly to "write out" liberal feminism from the "accepted" corpus. See, for example, H. Leslie Steeves, "Feminist Theories and Media Studies," Critical Studies in Mass Communication 4 (June 1987), 9525. comes the substrate 135. 27. The dynamics of the balance between in-group and public rhetoric are discussed in Herbert Simons, "Requirements, Problems, and Strategies: A Theory of Persuasion for Social Movements," Quarterly Journal of Speech 56 (1970), 1-11.

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