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By Susan Ohanian

From the birthday of the guy who wore size-23 sneakers to the discovery of the sandwich, this eclectic and quirky number of activity-based occasion anniversaries (two in line with day, for each day of the 12 months, from January 1 via December thirty first) provides a mix of significant and light-hearted oomph to math guideline. offers possibilities for amassing, organizing, and graphing information; in terms of financial matters; considering parts of size; and extra. excellent for integrating math with different components of the curriculum and referring to math to the genuine global.

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Investigate Mental Math: How long has the Steinway company been making pianos? Mental Math: Estimate the cost of 712 pianos at $275 and the cost of 1,623 pianos at $500. Which do you think is easier to estimate? Explain your reasoning. 1982 Congress declares an International Day of the Seal to alert people to the cruelty of seal hunts. In the wild, the harbor seal can 34 1 grow to a length of eight feet and a weight of 300 pounds or more. org. 85. 19. How much 1 would 9 2 pounds cost at 1991 rates?

Postal rates have changed many times since 1908. It cost 3 cents to mail a letter in 1917, 4 cents in 1958, 5 cents in 1963, 10 cents in 1974, 22 cents in 1985, 29 cents in 1991, 32 cents in 1995, and 33 cents in 1999. Investigate What percent increase has there been in first-class postage rates in the last ten years? What do you predict the postage will be for a letter in the year 2010? Explain your reasoning. Atlanta, Georgia. At 59 years 5 months, Gamma is the oldest known nonhuman primate. Investigate Mental Math: In what month and year was Gamma born?

DAY-BY-DAY MATH An alarm clock riddle: If you go to bed at 8:00 and set the alarm for 9:00, how much sleep will you get? (Answer: If it’s a digital clock, probably 13 hours. ) MARCH 19 1776 The first notice is taken of swallows returning to the old mission of San Juan Capistrano, in California. The swallows stay in Capistrano until March 23, when they leave for Argentina. Investigate Consult an atlas and plan a possible route for the swallows. How many miles will they fly? If you made this journey, how many time zones would you travel through?

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