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Inflation, or non-negative acceleration of the γ 2/3, and cosmological scale factor, occurs for any perfect fluid with 0 matter with this property has come to be known as quintessence (a reference to the substance making up the realm beyond the planetary spheres in Aristotelian astronomy). Such a fluid might be realized physically, for instance, in an early Universe dominated by a minimally-coupled scalar field whose equation of state would have γϕ = ϕ˙ 2 /[ϕ˙ 2 /2 + V (ϕ)], where ϕ is the value of the scalar field 2/3) whenever the and V (ϕ) its potential energy.

5. these parameters are ones that we can, in principle, measure with our instruments. However, it is occasionally useful to shift attention from redshift z back to time t in order to ask questions which, while not directly connected with experiment, are of conceptual interest. In this section we ask: do the foregoing results mean that the brightness of the night sky is changing with time? If so, is it getting brighter or darker? How quickly? 14). Evaluation of this integral requires a knowledge of the scale factor R(t), which is not well constrained by observation.

We wish to obtain a definitive answer to the question posed in chapter 1: is it cosmic expansion, or the finite age of the Universe, which is primarily responsible for the low value of Q? The relative importance of these two factors continues to be a subject of controversy and confusion (see [4] for a review). In particular there is a lingering perception that general relativity ‘solves’ Olbers’ paradox chiefly because the expansion of the Universe stretches and dims the light it contains. 13), the Universe equal to a constant value, R(t) = R0 .

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