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By Naima Prevots

A little-known episode within the historical past of dance that illuminates the wider topic of cultural coverage throughout the chilly warfare period.

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Naima Prevots's study of how dance was caught up in the era's diplomacy is a welcome addition to a burgeoning literature that views the Cold War as a cultural conflict as well as a clash of armies and ideologies. In what Cold Warriors called the ''battle for the hearts and minds of men," dance played a small, but fascinating role. In retrospect, conflict between the Soviet Union and the United States, the two major powers to emerge from World War II, seems to have been almost inevitable. Early in 1946, in his famous Long Telegram from Moscow, American diplomat George Kennan advised the Truman administration that no modus vivendi with the Soviet Union was possible.

The answer is no. In dance, as in the other arts, the groups sent abroad were chosen by a panel of professional peersthe model for the peer panels that later became the principal decision-making bodies of NEA. Set up and administered by the American National Theater and Academy (ANTA), these panels not only recommended the artists sent abroad, but also established the policy guidelines to choose them. Through this mechanism, ANTA sought to insulate the selection process from overt political pressure, ensuring that merit would be the chief consideration.

Although the orchestra received no further bookings, the climate had changed sufficiently so that the program itself was not harmed. Just two months following Murrow's television exposé of McCarthy, Chief Justice Earl Warren presided over the unanimous Supreme Court ruling in the case known as Brown v. Board of Education. "We conclude that in the field of public opinion the doctrine of 'separate but equal' has no place. " This landmark decision, legally ending segregation, marked the beginning of numerous civil rights battles, thus significantly changing political action and public awareness.

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