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He forgot that he himself participated in the invasion of Iraq that led to the blessed events unfolding today by Allah’s bounty and justice. McCain had this to say: ” 31 the enemy’s words “ I come to the floor this morning with great sorrow and great concern and even deep alarm about the events that are transpiring rapidly in Iraq. ISIS the most extreme, Islamist organization – radical terrorist organization – now controls at least 1/3 of Iraqi territory and is rapidly gaining more. The areas of Fallujah, Mosul, Tikrit, they are on the outsides of Samarra… with these victories ISIS controls a swath of territory that stretches from the Syrian-Turkish frontier in the north, down the Euphrates river, all the way down to the Iraqi city of Fallujah just forty miles west of Baghdad.

38 dabiq 121ST regiment base captured Wilāyat Al-Barakah – Ramadān 28 The Islamic State captures the 121st Regiment (AlMaylabiyyah) base in Wilāyat Al-Barakah. Meanwhile, the soldiers of the Islamic State advanced on checkpoints leading into Al-Barakah city, which led to the nusayriyyah handing some of their checkpoints over to the PKK in fear of the onslaught of the mujāhidīn. Inside The 121st Regiment Base 39 news Wilāyat Al-Anbār - Ramadān 20 The Islamic State assaults a number of safawī military barracks in the city of Hadīthah.

He sees that some scholars consider a real threat with torture to be ikrāh (coercion). He sees that some “scholars” deviantly innovated the opinion that kufr can be committed for “the sake of jihād”! Then he combines the different factors into an equation and decides he can abandon his prayers, wear a cross, and call to democracy for the sake of “saving” the people and “defending” them. The problem is many of those committing this type of kufr don’t actually have these empty arguments in their minds, rather it is the neo-jahmiyyah (extreme murji’ah) who invent these excuses for them after the kufr has already been committed.

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