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By Charles Masquelier

This publication lays the conceptual foundation for a coalition of struggles below the neoliberal age. In doing so, the writer demonstrates that, regardless of speak of fragmention, divisions and conflicts, the current state of affairs deals clean possibilities for connecting different solidarities. Critique and Resistance in a Neoliberal Age explores what connects contributors, not just among neoliberal stipulations of financial, cultural and environmental domination but in addition in resistance. It additionally highlights the transformative strength of human motion, by way of grounding neoliberal techniques in human motion and demonstrating the relevance of, and possibilities for, emancipatory politics today.

delivering a critique orientated in the direction of social swap, educated through a large diversity of theoretical traditions and empirical study, the e-book should be of curiosity to scholars and students within the fields of sociology, politics and philosophy, in addition to these drawn to the probabilities for social change.

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So while financialization could be regarded as a process marked by the creation of 36 Critique and Resistance in a Neoliberal Age new avenues for capital accumulation and the financing of production and individuals’ everyday activities, post-Fordism constitutes a way of organizing production and arranging employment practices articulated around the principle of flexibility. Post-Fordism emerged as a response to the “crisis of accumulation” (Harvey 2010) triggered by the oil shocks of the early 1970s.

Investments in financial assets do nevertheless always involve a fairly high degree of risk, for their value can rise as quickly and unpredictably as it can fall, as a result of the supply and demand mechanism’s reliance on investors’ confidence in the performance of a particular enterprise or national economy. Despite the inherently volatile character of these economic activities, governments across advanced capitalist economies have encouraged capitalist enterprises involved in the production of goods and services to rely “increasingly on retained earnings to finance investment” (Lapavitsas 2013: 230).

Does the conceptualization of flexibility as an inevitable outcome of societal developments unfolding under modernity effectively capture the conditions of its emergence? In this section, I attempt to answer these questions by revealing the complex interplay between the economic and 4 Flexibilization 35 symbolic dimensions of transformations associated with flexibilization. Let me start by exploring the economic transformations associated with its advancement. Flexibilization as Economic Process The economic process of flexibilization has been marked by changes in economic relations: within markets, within production and between markets and production.

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