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By Dana Meachen Rau

This ebook contains principles for turning universal home items right into a number of attention-grabbing and inventive crafts. Crafters perform comprehension talents as they use textual content and diagrams to persist with the stairs for every venture. The actions push scholars to benefit and observe domain-specific vocabulary, perform new suggestions, and construct on recommendations which could already be typical. different instruments, together with an index and extra assets, motivate readers to find details and discover extra independently.

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29 Glossary adhesives (ad-HEE-sivz) substances, such as glue, that make things stick together coil (KOIL) a loop or series of loops decompose (dee-kuhm-POZE) to break down into soil diameter (dye-AM-uh-tur) a straight line through the center of a circle, connecting opposite sides flexible (FLEK-suh-buhl) able to bend hems (HEMZ) edges of material that have been folded over and sewn down imperfections (im-pur-FEK-shuhnz) faults or mistakes palette (PAL-uht) a flat board that is used for mixing paints pulp (PUHLP) any soft, wet mixture recycling (ree-SYE-kling) preparing old items, such as glass, plastic, newspapers, and aluminum cans, to be made into new products 30 For More Information Books Enz, Tammy.

Spread a second coat of varnish around the sides of the book block. Let the varnish dry completely with the front cover open. 28 Do Your Part— Together! Host a recycling party! Make invitations with scraps of paper from magazines, wrapping paper, or old gift cards. Invite your friends to your home to make crafts. Ask them to bring recyclable materials. Share ideas and supplies. Let your imaginations fly! You are helping the earth when you recycle. You are reducing the amount of trash in landfills.

Make sure the top cover can still open, wiping off any varnish that may make it stick. Then close the book tightly and seal it with rubber bands. Let it sit for about an hour as the varnish dries and hardens. Open the book’s cover. Spread varnish all around the frame of the first page and the sides and bottom of the hole. Spread a second coat of varnish around the sides of the book block. Let the varnish dry completely with the front cover open. 28 Do Your Part— Together! Host a recycling party!

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