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Within the company jungle inhabited by way of Enrons and WorldComs, a scarcity of transparency is the foundation of all scandal, but providing transparency turns out immensely tough with the customarily competing pursuits of shareholders, company forums, govt regulators, and different stakeholders. Written by means of famous company social accountability practitioner Adrian Henriques and drawing on an unlimited wealth of real-life examples from the industrial international, this full of life enterprise booklet is going looking for the proper limits of transparency. From advertisement confidentiality to the ethics of promoting to lobbying and company corruption, the writer addresses the placement, importance, and boundaries of transparency in smooth company existence and works during the dilemmas that the expanding demands transparency current. From the secrets and techniques of the board room to the struggles of NGOs, transparency is a chronic challenge–how a lot is adequate? How a lot can we desire? How will we do it? This e-book, best to company leaders and bosses, specialists and enterprise scholars alike addresses those questions and extra.

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As elaborated by Wood, there are three significant levels – principles, processes and products (or outcomes) – to take into account. Her approach, which she called ‘corporate social performance’, was designed to include a range of stakeholders. However, it needs to be emphasized that it should be applied to shareholders (and other investors), as much as to other stakeholders, in order to be generally applicable. This structure or schema is based on what is increasingly common business practice, which includes: 35 ES_CT_8-3 20/3/07 10:47 Page 36 C O R P O R AT E T R U T H • • • a set of articulated values or aspirational material which purports to set out what the organization is aiming at for a variety of stakeholders; targets are a quantified expression of what the organization is aiming at; a set of policies and guides to decision making which indicates how the organization is seeking to realize its values through the actions of its employees and as an organization; and a set of indicators which are designed to capture how it has actually performed in relation to its aspirations.

Yet it is also possible to describe our bodies as coherent entities with purposes and actions of their own. In the language of complexity theory, our bodies can be said to be emergent entities that cannot be completely described in terms of their cells. Both views are valid. A similar divergence of perspective applies to companies. It is possible to describe them entirely in terms of their stakeholders. In this respect, companies are ‘empty’ and their activity is simply the coordination of stakeholders’ activities.

Yet one issue with this perspective is that a common sense view of a company, whether admired or resented, is also that it is not a person in the sense in which individual humans are. Perhaps in consequence there has been philosophical debate as to whether it is proper to confer ‘personhood’ on companies, and therefore whether they can be said to be moral agents and so responsible in a moral sense for their actions and omissions. 42 ES_CT_8-3 20/3/07 10:47 Page 43 W H AT I S A C O M P A N Y, E X A C T LY ?

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