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On the basis of its tests, Convair predicted no scale effect for inlet performance. However, a full-scale test was planned for the NACA Lewis Propulsion Science Laboratory. 95 at 35,000'. Average requirements would be lower, and it was assumed that maximum compressor bleed would never exceed 1/2 of 1% of the engine airflow. That amount, even though quite small, had significant effects on fuel economy and was equivalent to several hundred pounds of sized weight for a typical mission. Further fuel economy, it was noted, would result from the performance of the ejector nozzles.

The name Hustler also was officially applied to the aircraft at this time, though somewhat surprisingly, it had been in use in-house at Convair and the AF since 1952. The name could, in fact, trace its origins back to a need by Convair engineers for a program codename. Robert Widmer, one of the chief project engineers in 1952, had discussed the problem with fellow engineer Stanton Brown. When Widmer described the new aircraft to Brown as having a bomber mission and supersonic speed, Brown's retort was, "Sounds like it'll really be a hustler ....

Several weeks later, following completion of the review, the WADC forwarded formal notification of approval to Convair. With the improvements which had followed Configuration II, there appeared no reason that the newly named Configuration III would not satisfy the requirements. The formal XB and XRB-58 mock-up inspection was then set for the last week of March, 1954. Controversy over nearly all aspects of the B-58 program intensified throughout 1954. The program objectives, the development techniques, the appearance of the airframe, the weapons system process, and many systems and subsystems were changed, rescheduled, deleted, or replaced.

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