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By Daniel Żarski et al.

The paintings summarizes the present wisdom concerning the managed copy of an rising aquaculture species, the Eurasian perch (Perca fluviatilis). In nice element it describes and explains the important of lots of the managed reproductive protocol resulting in receive prime quality larvae. The publication is essentially meant for use as a hatchery handbook by way of practising aquaculturists and laboratory technicians operating with this species. nonetheless, it additionally summarizes the medical historical past of the equipment utilized, accordingly, it may function a reference for the state of the art within the managed copy of Eurasian perch and different freshwater percid species.

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Krejszeff) 46 6 Collection of Gametes One of the main bottlenecks for application of the sewing method routinely is its labor intensity, which can possibly generate increment of the production costs. However, the reason for applying this method is the controlled reproduction of valuable females, which are intended to be crossed with particular male and/or males. Also, in the case of the commercial practice, such a solution can be beneficial in the case of spawning the most valuable broodstock or particular females, especially the biggest ones.

2011a). Different levels of FOM are characterized by particular stages of maturation in Eurasian perch. The morphological features (as described by Żarski et al. 2011a; presented on Fig. 1), observed after the clarification of the cytoplasm (procedure of cytoplasm clarification described below), include: Stage I – the germinal vesicle (GV; dark spot inside the oocyte) is in the central position or slightly moved toward the oocyte periphery (depending on the view angle), the cytoplasm is not transparent and contains fine granules in almost the entire area of the oocyte; Stage II – the GV located in the center or slightly moved toward the edge is clearly surrounded by well visible oil droplets; Stage III – the GV is clearly moved toward the animal pole of the oocyte and formation of large oil droplet(s) can easily be noticed, the forming oil droplet is similar in size or smaller than the GV; Stage IV – the GV is clearly moved toward the oocyte periphery and a large (about 1/3 of the oocyte diameter) oil droplet may be noticed, however some smaller droplets are still present; Stage V – the GV is clearly at the oocyte periphery and only one large oil droplet is visible; Stage VI – the GV is not present anymore (GV breakdown is completed) and only one single oil droplet can be noticed.

It should be highlighted that there is no need for the application of any steroid hormones (to achieve good results of spawning), application of which is restricted by specific regulations (Directive 2008/97/EC). This results in the possibility of application of recommended preparations (hCG or GnRHa) the same way as regular pharmacological preparations are allowed (Directive 2001/82/EC). In effect, for controlled reproduction of Eurasian perch, it is allowed to use preparations which are registered for fish, other animals or even humans, under the restriction that the treated fish as well as eggs obtained from treated fish will not be designated for human consumption.

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