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Wright 1995:38 says, quoting the Homeric passage (rather than Crates himself), that ‘the distances involved were first calculated by timing free-falling objects’ (my italics). From the context Wright’s intention is clearly only to say, as she does say of Lucretius on the next page, that the poet’s intention was ‘to help the reader to try to comprehend’ the distance involved; but in a modern context, and in a series aimed at least in part at those who are not specialists in classical antiquity, misunderstanding seems a danger here.

6 Müller=776 Kühn. Cf. Ballester 1988:119, 135–7 and in general Nutton 1984:320–3. 12–20 Müller=782–3 Kühn. Andronicus’ name, indeed, is only conjecturally restored in the text here. I am grateful to Richard Sorabji for drawing the question to my attention in the present context. ’ Lloyd 1988 notes the vagueness in Galen’s central thesis—just how much is implied by the claim that the character of the mind ‘follows’ the temperament of the body? (33, 36)—and suggests that the vagueness is a deliberate attempt by Galen to make his case more plausible.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 I will henceforth, for brevity’s sake, use the term ‘antiquity’ to refer to the ancient Greco-Roman world specifically. Frankfort have suggested that a concern for consistent general explanations is one of the features that distinguishes philosophy from myth and justifies the claim that philosophy began with the Presocratics: see their contributions in Frankfort et al. 1949:28–9, 253–4. 4, p. 15 Reichardt (Leipzig: Teubner, 1897). 939–4; Long and Sedley 1987, 55OP, 42E.

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