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By Frana, Ilaria

This publication offers a unique research of concealed-question structures, experiences of a psychological perspective within which a part of a sentence appears like a nominal supplement (e.g. Eve's cell number in Adam understands Eve's telephone number), yet is interpreted as an oblique query (Adam is aware what Eve's phone number is). Such buildings are confusing in that they increase the query of the way their which means derives from their constituent components. specifically, how a nominal supplement (Eve's cell number), regularly used to consult an entity (e.g. Eve's genuine mobilephone quantity in Adam dialled Eve's mobile number) finally ends up with a question-like that means.

In this publication, Ilaria Frana adopts a idea based on which noun words with hid query meanings are analysed as person innovations. the normal person proposal idea is changed and utilized to the phenomena mentioned within the fresh literature and a few new challenging facts. the outcome is an absolutely compositional account of quite a lot of concealed-question buildings. The exploration of hid questions provided within the e-book offers insights into either concerns in semantic thought, corresponding to the character of quantification in ordinary languages and using variety shifter within the grammar, and matters surrounding the syntax-semantics interface, corresponding to the translation of replica strains and the results on semantic interpretation of alternative syntactic analyses of relative clauses. The ebook will curiosity students and graduate scholars in linguistics, in particular these attracted to semantics and the syntax-semantics interface, in addition to philosophers of language engaged on the subject of intensionality.

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Frank’s loss at the casino. (f) John is certain of/has an idea about/is convinced about . . . the time of the meeting. (g) John asked me, wondered about, investigated, was interested in . . . the outcome of the election. /The whole nation cares about the outcome of the elections. (i) The outcome of the elections depends on/is related to/has an influence on/ is a function of/makes a difference for the economical situation of the country. We already expressed some concerns regarding the insertion of the preposition about, and I will return to those in a moment.

For instance, from (a), the rule in () allows us to incorrectly generate (b). Similarly, from (a), we would get (b) and, from (a), (b) (Baker : ). () a. John wouldn’t tell us who Lyndson Johnson is. b. *John wouldn’t tell us Lyndson Johnson. () a. John forgot who she was, but he never forgot her face and manner. b. #John forgot her, but he never forgot her face and manner. () a. John can’t remember what a llama is. b. *John can’t remember a llama. (ii) Identity questions only As Nathan () points out, CQs can only be paraphrased by identity questions of the form who/what X is (was/are/ .

John couldn’t remember the number of students enrolled in his class. b. John couldn’t remember how many students enrolled in his class. c. John couldn’t remember what the number of students enrolled in his class was.  CQs are only semantically questions  also have the distribution of NPs: they occur in object positions, as in all our examples so far, but also in subject positions, as shown in (a–b) (Grimshaw : ). () a. John didn’t know the exact amount of his debt. b. John can’t remember the kind of wine that she likes the most.

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