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An airline agenda represents the principal making plans component of every one airline. regularly, the target of airline time table optimization is to discover the airline agenda that maximizes working revenue. This making plans job is not just an important but additionally the main complicated job an airline is faced with. beforehand, this activity is played via dividing the general making plans challenge into smaller and no more complicated subproblems which are solved individually in a chain. even if, this technique is just of juvenile potential to accommodate interdependencies among the subproblems, leading to much less ecocnomic schedules than these being attainable with an strategy fixing the airline agenda optimization challenge in a single step. during this paintings, making plans ways for built-in airline scheduling are offered. One process follows the normal sequential method: present versions from literature for person subproblems are carried out and superior in an total iterative regimen permitting to build airline schedules from scratch. the opposite making plans appraoch represents a very simultaneous airline scheduling: utilizing metaheuristics, airline schedules are processed and optimized instantly with out a separation into various optimization steps for its subproblems.

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The following theorem describes such automorphisms in terms of involutive negators. Theorem 16. (4; 10; 16; 22) 1. For every strict negator N there exist three involutive negators N1 , N2 and N3 such that N = N1 ◦ N2 ◦ N3 . 2. For every automorphism φ there exist four involutive negators N1 , N2 , N3 and N4 such that φ = N1 ◦ N2 ◦ N3 ◦ N4 . The set of monotone [0, 1] → [0, 1] bijections can thus be partitioned into four subsets: monotone bijections composed of one, two, three or four involutive negators.

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This interface enables the user to select the relevant sensors, the time duration of the readings and the data format. A more detailed description of the remote data acquisition system can be found in [16]. 3 RBF Neural Network Overview RBF neural networks (RBFNNs) are composed of three functionally distinct layers. The input layer is simply a set of sensory units. The second layer is a hidden layer of sufficient dimension which performs a non-linear transformation of the input space to a hidden unit space.

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