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By Eddie Y.K. Ng, N. Y. Liu

This e-book brings jointly the fast indispensable techniques and advances within the box for the prediction of stall and surge difficulties within the compressor. The e-book comes in handy for individuals excited about the circulation research, layout and trying out of rotating equipment. for college students, it may be used as a really good subject of senior undergraduate or graduate learn. The ebook may also function self-study material.

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To predict the distorted performance and distortion attenuation of an axial compressor without using CFD codes, it is essential to make significant simplifications and therefore, some elegance and detail of description must be sacrificed. By using a simple integral method Kim et al. [6] successfully calculated the qualitative trend of distorted performance and distortion attenuation of an axial compressor. The integral method is further modified [7] to simulate and analyze the effects of the parameters of inlet distortions on the trend of downstream flow feature in compressor.

K3 ITERATIVE CONSTANTS ****** DO 100 K=1,5 100 A(K)=ALFA(K,I-1) F(1,I)=(FXU(I)-FX0U(I))/(CK3*A(1)) F(2,I)=FYU(I)/(GAMA*A(1)) F(3,I)=CK2*F(1,I) 32 Chapter 1 Study on the Propagation of Inlet Flow Distortion F(4,I)=FY0U(I)/(GAMA*A(3))-A(4)/A(3)*CK2*F(1,I) F(5,I)=(FXU(I)-F(1,I))/(GAMA**2*2) DO 101 K=1,5 101 RK(1,K,I)=DX*F(K,I) 200 A(K)=ALFA(K,I-1)+RK(1,K,I)/2. K11,K12,K13,K14,K15 DO 200 K=1,5 F(1,I)=(FXU(I)-FX0U(I))/(CK3*A(1)) F(2,I)=FYU(I)/(GAMA*A(1)) F(3,I)=CK2*F(1,I) F(4,I)=FY0U(I)/(GAMA*A(3))-A(4)/A(3)*CK2*F(1,I) F(5,I)=(FXU(I)-F(1,I))/(GAMA**2*2) DO 201 K=1,5 201 RK(2,K,I)=DX*F(K,I) 300 A(K)=ALFA(K,I-1)+RK(2,K,I)/2.

0001 ! 2 X(1)=0. 001 ! SPACIAL INCREMENT ! ALONG X DIRECTION ! ENDING POSITION OF X XL=10. 06 ! ALFA ALFA(2,1)=ALFA(1,1) ! BETA ALFA(3,1)=1. ALFA0 ALFA(4,1)=ALFA(3,1) ! 0 ! PRESSURE SI0=SITA1 SITA0=SITA1*PI/180. 001 AL1=ALFA(1,1) 10 CK1=Y(1)*ALFA(1,1) CK0=CK1+(1-CK1/ALFA(1,1))*ALFA(3,1) ! K1 ! *(FX1*FX2*FX3*FX4+FX5*FX6*FX7*FX8) ! *(FX1*FX2*FY1*FX4-FX5*FX6*FY2*FX8) ! * & ! * & ****** ! FY,0/U0**2 (FX01*FX02*FY01*FX04-FX05*FX06*FY02*FX08) END OF FORCE CALCULATION ******** ********************************************************** ****** CK2=CK1*(CK1-CK0)/(ALFA(1,I-1)-CK1)**2 !

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