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By Robert B. Taylor

This booklet is for any clinician who desires to write. it truly is for the doctor, health care provider assistant, or nurse practitioner who sees sufferers and in addition desires to give a contribution to the clinical literature. it really is for the assistant professor desiring to advertising and the clinician in deepest perform looking own enrichment. Loaded with sensible recommendation and real-world examples, this article merits readers who're new to clinical writing and people who have authored a number of articles or chapters and wish to enhance. Readers relate to this publication since it is written through anyone who has been of their footwear. Dr. Robert B. Taylor is a pacesetter within the box of family members medication. not like the authors of many different books who've little adventure outdoor of academia or publishing, writing is just one component to his career. He wrote this booklet to percentage what works and what doesn’t in clinical writing. Clinicians how you can translate observations and concepts from their practices into written shape and at last into print.

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Bernstein TM. The careful writer: a modern guide to English usage. New York: Atheneum; 1972:360. Dirckx JH. The language of medicine. 2nd ed. New York: Praeger; 1983:85. Bier A. Quoted in: Strauss MB. Familiar medical quotations. Boston: Little, Brown; 1968:116. 3 From Page One to the End In Chapter 1, I reviewed your motivation to write, discussed how to find needed information, and considered the important questions that must be asked about any writing project. In Chapter 2, I discussed the blueprint for your project—the idea and structure—and the tools you will use, namely paragraphs, sentences, and words.

We developed and presented a six-week clerkship for the students. ” Following appropriate peer review, the journal editor wrote to us, accepting the paper contingent on certain modifications. One of these modifications was that we authors change all statements to passive voice. And so, we laboriously revised our prose to read: “A need was identified for an addition to the curriculum. A clerkship was developed and presented. ” In due time, the paper was published, but what was presented in print lacked the punch of what we originally submitted, and actually took more words to express the same thoughts.

An arbitrary constant in a mathematical equation is a parameter. Other uses of this statistical term in scientific writing are generally incorrect. When used in a scientific paper, this word had a statistical connotation. ” Therefore, we should not write about S. pneumoniae as the “etiology” of pneumococcal pneumonia when we are really discussing the cause. This word means that there is only one (from Latin unus, meaning “one”). Thus, it is one of a kind or it is not, and no modifier is appropriate.

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