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A gripping and encouraging e-book, Civic Passionsexamines leading edge management during times of situation in American historical past. ranging from the past due 19th century, whilst revered voices warned that the USA was once on the point of cave in, Cecelia Tichi explores the knowledge of useful visionaries who have been faced with a sequence of social, political, and monetary upheavals that, in yes respects, appear eerily just like sleek occasions. The United States--then, as now--was riddled with political corruption, monetary panics, social disruption, exertions strife, and bourgeois inertia. Drawing on a wealth of evocative own bills, biographies, and archival fabric, Tichi brings seven iconoclastic--and frequently overlooked--individuals from the Gilded Age again to lifestyles. We meet medical professional Alice Hamilton, theologian Walter Rauschenbusch, jurist Louis D. Brandeis, buyer recommend Florence Kelley, antilynching activist Ida B. Wells-Barnett, economist John R. Commons, and child-welfare suggest Julia Lathrop. Bucking the established order of the Gilded Age in addition to middle-class complacency, those reformers tirelessly garnered well known help as they championed innovative ideas to doubtless intractable social problems.Civic Passions is a provocative and powerfully written social heritage, a suite of minibiographies, and a user's guide on how a iteration of social reformers can flip peril into growth with clean, attainable rules. jointly, those narratives of advocacy supply a beautiful precedent of revolutionary motion and convey how citizen-activists can have interaction the issues of the age in ingenious methods. whereas delivering necessary versions to motivate the state in a newly revolutionary path, Civic Passions reminds us that one decided person could make a distinction.

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The title of the novel endured long after readers mostly forgot about the book itself. The Gilded Age by Mark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner was the thunderclap of social critique and the challenge to the senior Clarence Day’s idea of civilization. ” The Gilded Age signaled the selfishness that fostered want, misery, and chasmic social inequalities. 27 Mr. and Mrs. Day, to be sure, had regular close encounters with those accused of fomenting disorder, particularly the working classes, the very people whose situations troubled Bellamy and launched Gompers—and 18 INTRODUCTION soon preoccupied the new generation of Progressives.

They represent the INTRODUCTION 15 crest of the middle classes—and they are important precisely for that reason. The imminent social changes that were vital to the well-being of the modern nation could be legitimated and adopted only with their tacit or active consent and support. They represent the tipping point for change. What change? In what direction? Mr. Day was certain that his world needed conservation, not change. “He was by habit and by instinct a methodical man” who dabbed on bay rum after shaving, rammed both arms into heavily starched shirts, and fastened studs and cufflinks that were “strong and handsome but simple,” allowing himself a single gold band set with a rectangular sapphire.

D. The Dangerous Trades The last decade of the nineteenth century . . was simpler in many ways than any period which followed it. . — A L I C E H A M I LTO N , Exploring the Dangerous Trades, 1943 The brass cuspidor surely caught Dr. Alice Hamilton’s eye when she arrived at the National Lead Company office on Chicago’s Sangamon Street a few minutes ahead of her scheduled appointment with the company vice president. The cuspidor (or spittoon), a receptacle for spit tobacco juice, signaled men’s territory and the all too common viewpoint that came with it: “Men knew the world.

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