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The while loop then resumes and waits for the next Timer2 interrupt. CONTROL LOOP TESTING the interrupt routine starts. The first statement in the interrupt routine resets the interrupt flag for the next cycle. SAMP) goes low. The output of the ADC (a 12-bit number) is stored in the lower bits of a 16-bit register (ADCBUF0). A while loop waits for the conversion process to be completed. Then the value in ADCBUF0 is read into the unsigned integer variable (adcvalue), converted into a floating-point variable (fadcvalue), and scaled by the 5-V ADC input range.

The 16550-compatible UART has 16byte FIFOs and can run at least 115,200 bps. Including start and stop bits, the RS-232 word is 10 bits long. So, at 115,200 bps, you have (8 ÷ 10) × 115,200 = 92,100 bps available for payload data, which ample for a single 64,000-bps TDM datastream. Some glue logic and device driver changes were required to implement the interface (see Figure 3). The FXS module is based on the Silicon Labs Si3215 reference design. I described it in detail in my article “Embedded IP-PBX” (Circuit Cellar, Issue 208, 2007).

I turned again to the Internet to look for an easy INI file C library. There are many available, and I picked one more or less randomly: inih it would be! This turned out to be an excellent choice. It’s an easy-to-use library that required no more than 5 minutes to integrate into my project. TIME TO STOP I had now come to a point where features started creeping in. First, of course, message scrolling: left, right, and no scrolling. Then scrolling at any speed.

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