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When a frame pulse eventually arrives, the firmware increments WWVB_Index to point to the second table entry. The ‘R’ character directs the switch statement to verify that the next pulse is another frame pulse; two consecutive frame pulses indicate the beginning of the time code frame for a new minute. ), then the ‘R’ case resets &RUWH[Œ0&RUWH[5DQG&0&8V DQG$QGURLG WWVB_Index to select the first array ‡6XSSRUWIRUDOO$50DSSOLFDWLRQSURFHVVRUV ‡5726DQGPLGGOHZDUHOLEUDULHV ‡+LJKSHUIRUPDQFHGHEXJDQGWUDFHDGDSWHU entry and the search for a frame pulse ‡86%-7$*DGDSWHUDQGHYDOXDWLRQERDUGV starts all over again.

From the perspective of the engineer who designed the system, I had a hard time getting the server software to run stably initially. These problems were tracked to interface issues between the CAN bus hardware driver and the CANOpen message router, where the driver would crash the computer if I sent a message after an error had occurred on the bus. With proper error-handling, these issues were resolved. I also managed to drill a few holes into my own knee by not limiting queue sizes and other variables to prevent them from filling up PC memory over time.

If you are using the free MCC18 compiler with some of these optimizations disabled, you will have to use a PIC18F258 to fit the code in the available flash memory. On the RAM side, there is no pinch because only 686 bytes of RAM are used. OPERATIONAL EXPERIENCE With almost two years of operational experience, what is it like to live with this system on a day-to-day basis? From the perspective of homeowners living in the house, June 2010 – Issue 239 open-collector channel. If all you need is the relays, you can omit the additional open-collector connector as well as the resistor.

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