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I dutifully booted from this diskette once each month to update the CP290 event table with new times. Several years ago, my CP290 started to do strange things. It started to turn on lights at odd times. A dump of the on-board memory showed that it was corrupted, a fact that I attributed to an exhausted back-up battery, which I replaced. The problems were solved for a few months, but they reappeared. The back-up battery was again exhausted, which led me to suspect that the CP290 power supply wasn’t putting out its rated voltage.

Microchip offers a CDC library to allow ease of integration of USB for embedded projects. The PIC transmits motor protocol through both a half-duplex TTL-level serial bus and a bidirectional RS-485 bus for the AX and RX series motors, respectively. All Robotis motors use the same motor protocol, so a simple circuit was designed to integrate their serial buses together (see Figure 1). Also, contact sensors on the foot can be easily integrated through direct connection to the PIC. With the computational capability and hyper-threading ability, the Atom processor performs kinematics calculations together with complex vision processing at nearly 900 Hz.

HFP 1 CONNECT 0 HFP 2 00:17:e8:3f:d9:e2 <= Initial Autocall connect NO CARRIER 0 ERROR 305 SDC_OPEN_SEARCH_FAILED_PAGE_TIMEOUT NO CARRIER 0 ERROR 305 SDC_OPEN_SEARCH_FAILED_PAGE_TIMEOUT CONNECT 0 HFP 2 00:17:e8:3f:d9:e2 <= Autocall reconnect July 2010 – Issue 240 Figure 3—After rebooting the WT32 or phone, I saw the connection automatically reestablished. (Source: Bluegiga Technologies) 38 would need to use a different CoD. For HFP test, it appeared a “SET PROFILE that configuration, I used the generaHFP ON” would work nicely.

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