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By G E W and O'Connor, M Eolstenholme

Chapter 1 Chairman's establishing feedback (pages 1–3): Sir John Eccles
Chapter 2 a few houses of Pyramidal Neurones of the Motor Cortex (pages 4–29): C. G. Phillps
Chapter three Neurophysiological Mechanisms in Cerebral Arousal (pages 30–56): Frederic Bremer
Chapter four Electroencephalogram?Synchronizing buildings within the reduce mind Stem (pages 57–85): J. Magnes, G. Moruzzi and O. Pompeiano
Chapter five Mechanisms of Reticular Deactivation (pages 86–107): P. Dell, M. Bonvallet and A. Hugelin
Chapter 6 Neuronal task in Wakefulness and in Sleep (pages 108–130): M. Verzeano and okay. Negishi
Chapter 7 Neuronal Discharge within the Cat's Motor Cortex in the course of Sleep and Arousal (pages 131–170): Otto Creutzfeldt and Richard Jung
Chapter eight results of Sleep and Waking on task of unmarried devices within the Unrestrained Cat (pages 171–187): Edward V. Evarts
Chapter nine Telencephalic and Rhombencephalic Sleep within the Cat (pages 188–208): M. Jouvet
Chapter 10 A scientific, Electroencephalographic and Polygraphic learn of Sleep within the Human grownup (pages 209–236): H. Fischgold and B. A. Schwartz
Chapter eleven adjustments of Cortical D.C. Potentials within the Sleep?Wakefulness Cycle (pages 237–259): Heinz Caspers
Chapter 12 Electroencephalographic Detection of Sleep prompted through Repetitive Sensory Stimuli (pages 260–283): H. Gastaut and J. Bert
Chapter thirteen Electrographic Responses in snoozing Conditioned Animals (pages 284–306): Vernon Rowland
Chapter 14 Hibernation and Sleep (pages 307–321): Paavo Suomalainen
Chapter 15 Sleep styles on Polar Expeditions (pages 322–328): H. E. Lewis
Chapter sixteen results of Sleep?Deprivation on functionality and Muscle stress (pages 329–342): R. T. Wilkinson
Chapter 17 Cortical functionality in the course of Human Sleep (pages 343–348): I. Oswald, Anne M. Taylor and M. Treisman
Chapter 18 the character of Dreaming (pages 349–374): Nathaniel Kleitman
Chapter 19 Sleep and the power Metabolism of the mind (pages 375–396): Seymour S. Kety
Chapter 20 Chairman's ultimate comments (pages 397–400): Sir John Eccles

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It sometimes blocked the invasion of the cell by a testing antidromic impulse evoked by a shock to the pyramid. But it always caused a change P Y R A M I D A L NEURONES OF T H E M O T O R C O R T E X 21 in membrane potential, revealed by intracellular recording. The proportion of depolarizing and polarizing action was variable, no doubt because the synaptic connexioiis to the different cells were different. The depolarizing action was always the initial event (as in Fig. 8). One cannot, however, conclude, without certain reservations, that these very clear-cut results were due to activity in the Golgi recurrent collaterals of neighbouring Betz cells, however impressive the evidence might be that no sensory axons lying deep to the pyramid could have been stimulated.

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