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Chords for Guitar is ready transportable chord shapes in response to the CAGED guitar procedure. instead of providing an analogous shapes for a similar chord varieties as assorted chords whilst moved up or down the fret-board, giving 1000's of chords, Chords for Guitar makes this right into a uncomplicated unified procedure through displaying basically the portable shapes and the way to maneuver them up or down the fret-board, bearing in mind extra chord types.

Chord Reference - Chords for Guitar is a reference of over 2 hundred targeted shapes for simply over 60 various chord varieties, from the generally used chord forms corresponding to significant, minor, sus2, sus4, add9 and seventh chords to extra prolonged chords, altered chords and inversions, permitting you in finding many extra chords your self and get a greater realizing of the fret-board.

Questions and solutions - the basis be aware place inside all the guitar chords is obviously marked out, allowing you to transpose its transportable form up and down the fret-board. every one chord style has a question to ensure you're on course to with the ability to find guitar chords your self; shift the foundation word to its word identify situation (e.g. C, F#, G etc.) practice the chord form, then payment the reply on the back.

Theory - thought and chord building are defined utilizing piano keys for the simplicity of its linear structure of notes, then utilized to the six-string guitar, from the fundamentals of utilizing peculiar numbered periods (e.g. 1, three, five etc.) to the compound periods inside of prolonged chords and alterations.

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Todos os direitos reservados. , D7M . , ¿ F#m6 F#7(b9) Gm6' F#m6 FO(b13) A7 ~ " " Dm6 D#m7(b5) Em6/G F#7 F#m6 r A7M E7(13) - 3 3 Copyright by JOBlM MUSIC e NEWTON MENDONc;:A. Todos os dircitos reservados. 57 Songbook [J Bossa Nava Can9áo do amor demais TOM JOBIM E VINICIUS DE MORAES Em F*7 B7 E7 Am7 II11II A*O Bm7 Em/B C F*m7(b5) Cm6 IIJIIIE Em / F#7 Quero chorar / B7 / / B7 E ~/ E7 Am7 / A#o / // / / F#7 E já nem sei / Eo/B traz o amor Eu nem sabia B7 I F#7 Quero morrer / Am7 / A#o Oh! -3---' C F#m7(bS) Cm6 .

Todos os direitos reservados. fl) Ab6 Abm7 Gbm7 E7M Abm6 Bb7(13) Eb~ I I I ~I I I ;m I 811° AI77M AWi Abm7 Abm6 Gm7 EI77M / 8bm7 Mais ou menos foi assim Vou contar de brincadeira De uma insinua~o dos amigos como é que foi Come~u . fl) E de mentira inventaram o nosso amor Gm7 / Gbm7 Sem haver sinceridade Sem ninguém saber / Bbm7 Gm7 Abm6 AI77M Com~u Bbo Gb7(13) Abm7 Gbm7 Fm7 / assim Abm7 / sem explica~o Fm7 / E7M 8177(13) EI1~ virou verdade O amor tinha chegado E a mentira sem querer Eb7M Abm7 / E7M Ab7M /// Ab6 Fm7 Gm7 Bb7(13) Copyright by PAcíFICO MASCARENHAS.

F#P - Gm7 I . -- C7M/G A7(9) G7(13) Copyright by EDITORA IMPORTADORA MUSICAL FERMATA DO B~IL LTDA Av. ranaa, 1123. S° andar - Sáo Paulo - BrasiL Todos os direitos reservados. 51 Songbook o Bossa Nova Batucada surgiu MARCOS VALLE E PAULO SÉRGIO VALLE Dm7 G7 Gm7 Am7 C7(9) I I II C7(b9) Dm7 F7M F6 I 8177(13) Em7(9) A7(b13) IIIIEII / G7 Batucada / Dm7 / G7 surgiu, Nem um branco / Dm7 que é mais branco Que / G7 o sorriso / C7(9) C7(J,9) F7M /F6 vendo a vida termi-nar / Dm7 se vai G7 / Dm7 / G7 / Gm7 Chorando tanto por / Dm7 Dm7 / G7 ficou Pois ser branco é / do negro Que nasceu s6 / Dm7 sambar E é preciso / / / / / G7 / Am7 / Gm7 ter cor E / Dm7 G7 pouco amor.

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