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By Jonathan Rowson

Jonathan Rowson, writer of the hugely acclaimed Seven lethal Chess Sins, investigates 3 questions vital to all chess-players:
1) Why is it so tricky, specifically for grownup avid gamers, to improve?
2) What different types of psychological attitudes are had to locate solid strikes in numerous stages of the game?
3) Is White's alleged first-move virtue a fable, and does it make a distinction no matter if you're enjoying Black or White?
In a strikingly unique paintings, Rowson uses his educational history in philosophy and psychology to respond to those questions in an pleasing and instructive manner. This publication assists all avid gamers of their efforts to enhance, and offers clean insights into the hole and early middlegame.

Rowson provides many new principles on how Black should still most sensible wrestle White's early initiative, and utilize the additional details that he profits because of relocating moment. for example, he indicates that during a few situations a scenario he calls 'Zugzwang Lite' can come up, the place White unearths himself missing any confident strikes. He additionally takes a detailed examine the theories of 2 avid gamers who, in differing kinds, have really good in championing Black's reason: Mihai Suba and Andras Adorjan. Readers also are built with a 'mental toolkit' that would allow them to deal with many standard over-the-board occasions with higher luck, and keep away from a number of mental pitfalls.

Chess for Zebras deals clean insights into human idiosyncrasies in all stages of the sport. The intensity and breadth of this booklet will for this reason aid avid gamers to understand chess at a extra profound point, and make steps in the direction of sustained and critical development.

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