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Если вы хотити улучшить свой словарь, необходимый для занятия бизнесом или работы в администрации, то эта набор упражнений, собранных в этой книге, книга поможет вам добиться этой цели. Книга полезна для тех, кто:
- занимается или или планирует заниматься бизнесом в англоязычной среде;
- постоянно имеет дело с англоязычными бизнесменами или чиновниками администрации;
- готовится сдавать какие-либо экзамены по Buisiness English;

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The meaning of each phrasal verb is explained in brackets at the end of each sentence. Write your answers in the crossword grid on the third page (you will not need to put a gap between the verb and the particle). The first one has been done as an example. Note that you will need to use some of the verbs and particles more than once, and in some cases you will need to change their form (for example, to past simple). Also note that in some cases, more than one answer may be possible, but only one will fit into the crossword grid.

There are two words on the left that do not have a partner. automatic batch buffer bottleneck buying centralised cluster contract forward freight list order paced quality shop surplus warehousing assembly book capacity control floor forwarder line manager manufacturing price production purchasing sampling scheduling stock 38 For reference see Dictionary of Business - 4th edition (A&C Black Publishers Ltd, 978-0-713-67918-2) Recruitment 1: Job advertising Unit 0000 Complete the conversation with words or expressions from the box.

__________ and inspire his or her 12. __________. Sandra: Well, that's great! You've always got on with the people you work with, and everyone is always saying how you're able to encourage people to work harder. Terry: That's true. It also says that the 13. __________ include liaising with colleagues around the country, training new staff and presenting a full report to the board of directors twice a year. Sandra: It all sounds quite good. What's the company offering in return? Terry: The 14. __________ they're offering looks very attractive.

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