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By Sue Maddock

This ebook bargains an intensive reassessment of organizational forces for switch and boundaries encountered via the `challenging girls' - senior girls managers confronted with the duty of remodeling their enterprises. a lot has been written approximately girls at paintings, the `glass ceiling' and discriminatory employment practices. This examine is seminal within the linkage it makes among gender, innovation and organizational transformation. The booklet highlights the consequences of this for all sorts of agencies and girls managers in every single place.

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Deming (\ 983) recognized the significance of leadership and the need for agreed shared values but he was opposed to quotas, numerical goals, slogans and targets. His management principles were based on breaking down staff barriers, encouraging pride in work, planning to create con­ stancy and consistency, on-the-job training and a vigorous programme of education and self-improvement. This ran counter to the way in which many UK managers have been interpreting total quality thinking and its programmes.

One does not result from the other. There are many forms of flexibility, but importantly there is a huge difference between flexible work practices and flexible staff. The concept of flexibility is not neutral and its acceptance within a staff group depends on how it is introduced and whose interests it serves. Young unskilled workers in the retail industries often have no idea when they will work or whether they will work the next day or the next week. This instability means that they have no control over their time or income.

Politicians often use managers as the con­ venient 'whipping boy' for their own failures. The disparity between what organizations require and how managers should behave is the cause of much frustration, and has been for many years for those managers who want to humanize organizations and prioritize service. Transforming style While women managers often mimic male behaviour in management, most also express a desire for change. Alimo-Metcalfe's ( \ 992, 1 995) work shows that women managers are motivated by organizational goals rather than by the promise of promotion; they are tempted by posts which are interesting and involve their personal development.

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