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By Erwin Brecher

Locate the solutions to over a hundred attention-grabbing quandaries concerning warmth, gentle, sound, or even outer house. all of the puzzles are according to basic technological know-how and contain issues you are acquainted with, like golfing balls, kettles and carpets, so they are effortless to appreciate and relish.

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Parents are dispossessed of their ability to be protectors since they let the horror take place. What is the basic question these children ask? Which law applies? The law imposed for many long years by the fundamentalists – their law which has deprived the children of their most basic rights –the right to education, the right to life itself...? It is true that the fundamentalists are in power, that they are the strongest – but does that make them the most just? Or what about the other law? Which law?

In September 1998, the Committee called for the immediate abolition of involuntary conscription. The UCSMR demands military reform based on the establishing of professional military service From the start, the UCSMR was confronted with the problem of veterans returning from the Afghan War – these veterans, including those disabled in the conflict, were receiving no help from the authorities, neither vocational nor psychiatric. They were deprived of all their basic privileges. The Soldiers’ Mothers demanded that the State fulfil its responsibility towards these men, as was agreed and implemented after the Second World War.

19 2. Brutalisation of Young Conscripts in the Russian Federation and the Long-term Effects Anna IGNATIEVA Public Relations Officer and Information Technology Specialist Union of the Committees of Soldiers’ Mothers of Russia Moscow Russian Federation Brutal practices in the armed forces of the Russian Federation – suspension of human rights; poor living and working conditions, including deprivation of food and warmth; beatings; humiliations; torture; abuse – cause mental health damage to military personnel.

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