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Chagall Unpublished Drawings.

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This shop on the 26 left, "The first of the next two drawings is one of many nudes drawn from life at the art academy he attended in the Rue Campagne-Premiere in Paris, but Chagall went beyond realism in the thick black outlines suggesting volume and density. The second of these nudes is undoubtedly a slightly later work and the procedure is reversed. The form, instead of being knit together and full-bodied, seems to issue from the void which appears through the fine hatchings whose juxtaposition for the most part replaces the line.

For the summer In this once the bright side native city, a cheerful glimpse of pink buildings scalloped outline view of his whose set off by a yellow sky, with a tree or is —the graceful and two and a blue fence in glorious faqade of monuments and mansions in the town (where Bella lived). He looks old, upon elegant part of it now the foreground its with a kindly eye, in a poetic light. Despite the anxieties and uncertainties of the hour, one feels a change for the better in 32 his life, a mood of buoyant optimism.

He began became almost an obsession with an equine setting merry-go-round, which he ing, made in with the shape of a the object of an engrav- but soon the animal was personalized and humanized, humble and graceless but tender-eyed. Little by little its silhouette shows through the fine hatchings and becomes (on the next page) a mercurial arabesque combined in an ascending movement with the lithe figure of a naked female acrobat. In a self-portrait with curly hair, time, Chagall top of his head, this turning Modigliani, like point The delicacy made about shows himself with a same on a poetic helmet, carrying with him, at in his of the line especially is m life, all the riches of his past.

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