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By C. W. J. Granger (auth.), Brian Skyrms, William L. Harper (eds.)

The papers gathered listed below are, with 3 exceptions, these awarded at a convention on chance and causation held on the college of California at Irvine on July 15-19, 1985. The exceptions are that David Freedman and Abner Shimony weren't capable of give a contribution the papers that they awarded to this quantity, and that Clark Glymour who used to be unable to wait the convention did give a contribution a paper. we want to thank the nationwide technology starting place and the varsity of Humanities of the college of California at Irvine for beneficiant help. WILLIAM HARPER college of Western Ontario BRIAN SKYRMS college of California at Irvine VII creation TO CAUSATION, probability, AND CREDENCE the quest for motives is so vital to technological know-how that it has occasionally been taken because the defining characteristic of the medical company. but even after twenty-five centuries of philosophical research the which means of "cause" remains to be a question of controversy, between scientists in addition to philosophers. a part of the matter is that the servicable thoughts of causation equipped out of Necessity, Sufficiency, Locality, and Temporal priority have been developed for a deterministic world-view which has been out of date because the creation of quantum conception. A bodily credible conception of causation has to be, at foundation, statistical. And statistical analyses of caus­ ation will be of curiosity even if an underlying deterministic concept is thought, as in classical statistical mechanics.

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If the whole truth were presented, each trial would last forever, and, at the end of eternity, an accused person (long since dead) would be acquitted by Madame de StaeI's law. So, in the spirit of Bentham's "fictions" (Ogden 1932; Vaihinger 1911; Good 1969, 1985d), we shall regard causal tendency as a physical phenomenon, depending on physical probabilities although, in every application, human judgement and common sense are involved. Even if the world is deterministic it behaves as if it were indeterministic relative to a given depth of analysis.

To begin with it leaves out of account the physical state of affairs U (the state of the universe) just before F occurred. All the probabilities must be made conditional on U. They must also be conditional on all true laws of nature, say H. To see the need to allow for U and H, consider the following example that was used by Salmon (1980) in an honest attempt to refute the explicatum of Q(E: F) that I had proposed. He said that a "falling barometric reading has no tendency at all to cause a storm, though the barometric reading is highly relevant statistically to the onset of stormy weather".

J. GOOD CAUSAL TENDENCY: A REVIEW I 1. INTRODUCTION We can judge of the perfection to which a science has come by the facility, more or less great, with which it may be approached by calculation. Quetelet (1828), as quoted by Landau & Lazarsfeld in the International Encyclopedia of Statistics, p. 828. Suppose that some event F occurs and later an event E either occurs or does not. 2 I am going to talk about the extent to which F tends to cause E, or the contribution from F to the tendency for E to occur.

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