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By Ruijun Hou

This thesis deals novel equipment for catalyst and technique layout for the selective hydrogenation of acetylene and 1,3-butadiene. the writer predicts the homes of supported Pd–Ni bimetallic catalysts utilizing density sensible concept (DFT) calculations and temperature-programmed desorption (TPD). the wonderful correlation among version surfaces and supported catalysts demonstrates the feasibility of designing potent bimetallic catalysts for selective hydrogenation reactions. the writer additionally proposes a style for designing non-precious steel catalysts to exchange beneficial metals. she changes the method of selective hydrogenation of acetylene by means of coupling the selective adsorption to the selective hydrogenation within the liquid section, due to which the ethylene selectivity is drastically better and warmth move is vastly improved. finally, via examining the mechanism of liquid-phase hydrogenation, the writer proposes a multi-stage slurry mattress reactor for business applications.<

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18 1 Introduction [134] found that the addition of Ag changed the CO adsorption geometry and CO adsorption energy. Sheth et al. [134] found by DFT calculation that the addition of Ag decreased the density of states, and the d-band center moved further from Fermi level. The electronic effect decreased the adsorption energies of the C1 and C2 species; therefore, the adsorption energy of ethylene was decreased; the bond formation reaction was more favored rather than bond breaking; as a result, the amount of dissociated hydrogen was decreased.

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