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By Dianne Dodd, Deborah Gorham

This choice of essays takes the reader from the early nineteenth century fight among girl midwives and male physicians correct as much as the past due twentieth century emergence of professionally informed girls physicians vying for a spot within the clinical hierarchy. The sour clash for keep an eye on of birthing and different points of family well-being care among girl lay healers, rather midwives, and the rising male-dominated clinical career is tested from new views.

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120. 5. , 1985), 91—94. 6. In her presidential address of 1898, Agnes Snively, the Superintendent of the Toronto General Hospital School for Nurses, raised these and other "professional" issues; see Annual Conventions 1893-1899, 6-10. See also Barbara Melosh, "The Physician's Hand": Work Culture and Conflict in American Nursing (Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1982), chap. , HELPERS OR HEROINES ? 43 Nursing History: New Perspectives, New Possibilities (New York: Teachers College Press, 1983), 47-64.

At the first annual meeting of the National Council in 1894, Lady Aberdeen asked her audience, how can we best describe this woman's mission in a word? Can we not describe it as "mothering" in one sense or another? We are not all called HELPERS OR HEROINES ? 21 upon to be mothers of little children, but every woman is called upon to "mother" in some way or another; and it is impossible to be in this country, even for a little while, and not be impressed with a sense of what a great work of "mothering" is in a special sense committed to the women of Canada.

The impact of this care was spiritually transformative, Tilley declared. 35 According to Mrs. 37 Although Mission nurses were reputedly trained "in the latest ideas of nursing," they did not receive the kind of training advocated by nursing leaders who joined the American Society of Superintendents after 1893. Instead, after passing a two-month probationary period and completing a further one-year and ten-month apprenticeship—which included a course of medical lectures in the "rudiments of obstetrical, medical and surgical nursing"—they were examined and awarded the diploma of the Nursing Mission Training School.

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