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By Pen-Chi Chiang, Shu-Yuan Pan

This booklet makes a speciality of an immense know-how for mineralizing and using CO2 rather than freeing it into the ambience. CO2 mineralization and usage established within the waste-to-resource offer chain can “reduce carbon dependency, advertise source and effort potency, and decrease environmental caliber degradation,” thereby lowering environmental dangers and lengthening fiscal advantages in the direction of Sustainable improvement objectives (SDG). during this booklet, finished info on CO2 mineralization and usage through sped up carbonation expertise from theoretical and useful issues used to be offered in 20 Chapters. It first introduces the idea that of the carbon cycle from the thermodynamic viewpoint after which discusses ideas and functions relating to environmental effect overview of carbon trap, garage and usage applied sciences. After that, it describes the theoretical and functional concerns for “Accelerated Carbonation (Mineralization)” together with analytical tools, and systematically provides the carbonation mechanism and modeling (process chemistry, response kinetics and mass move) and process research (design and research of experiments, existence cycle evaluate and value gain analysis). It then presents physico-chemical homes of alternative different types of feedstock for CO2 mineralization after which explores the valorization of carbonated items as eco-friendly fabrics. finally, an vital technique for waste remedy and source restoration is brought, and the carbonation procedure is significantly assessed and optimized in keeping with engineering, environmental, and fiscal (3E) research. The publication is a beneficial source for readers who take clinical and sensible pursuits within the present and destiny Accelerated Carbonation Technology for CO2 Mineralization and Utilization.

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2 Formation of Heat for C-Related Species One of the promising approaches to CO2 mitigation technologies is CO2 mineralization, which has been considered an environmentally friendly alternative for both CO2 capture and storage because it can not only reduce the CO2 emission but also convert CO2 to stable precipitates. 1 shows the standard molar free energy of formation for several carbon-related substances at 298 K. CO2 mineralization can be achieved by accelerated carbonation reaction, also known as carbon capture and utilization by mineralization (CCUM), which has been proven thermodynamically practical for enhancing the natural weathering process [3].

CO2 can be produced from a reversible reaction form of carbonic acid (H2CO3), which is a weak acid since its ionization in water is incomplete. The amount of CO2 dissolution in water can be expressed by Henry’s law in Eq. , 10 pressure of CO2 in the gas phase (atm). The dissociation of gaseous CO2 into carbonic acid (H2CO3) is shown in Eq. 4). 7 Â 10−3. CO2ðgÞ þ H2 OðaqÞ ! H2 CO3ðaqÞ ð3:4Þ In aqueous solution, H2CO3 includes dissolved CO2 (denoted as CO2(aq)) and effective H2CO3 (denoted as H2CO*3(aq)), as shown in Eq.

Greenhouse Gases: Sci Technol 2(1):20–35. 45 23. Klinthong W, Yang YH, Huang CH, Tan CS (2015) A review: microalgae and their applications in CO2 capture and renewable energy. Aerosol Air Qual Res 15(2):712–742. 0299 24. Rochelle GT (2009) Amine scrubbing for CO2 capture. Science 325(5948):1652–1654. 1176731 25. Tan C, Chen J (2006) Absorption of carbon dioxide with piperazine and its mixtures in a rotating packed bed. Sep Purif Technol 49(2):174–180. 001 26. Lin CC, Lin YH, Tan CS (2010) Evaluation of alkanolamine solutions for carbon dioxide removal in cross-flow rotating packed beds.

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