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By Andy Park Sharon Keeley

Ch 1: Ordering and Manipulating 2: Expressions and three: Fractions and four: Ratio, percentage and five: info 6: 7: Geometry.Additional Questions.Appendixes.478 pages.

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Tanya is selling some old toys that she no longer plays with and Imelda buys half of them. You want to know how many toys Imelda bought. 8. A rectangle has one side of length 5 inches. You want to know the area of the rectangle. 9. Tim has one-fourth of the amount of money that he had last week. You want to know how much money Tim has. Show the sums in Exercises 10–15 on a number line. 10. h + 7 11. h – 1 12. h – 2 13. m + (–5) 14. m – (–3) 15. m + 3 Draw the calculations in Exercises 16–21 on the number line.

1 Compare and order positive and negative fractions, decimals, and mixed numbers and place them on a number line. What it means for you: You’ll learn two different methods for ordering decimals. Key words: • greater than (>) • less than (<) There are a couple of ways of ordering decimals — either using the trusty number line or without it. 1 you saw that if any two integers are plotted on the number line, the number to the left is less than the number to the right. The same thing applies to decimals — and it doesn’t make any difference whether the numbers are positive or negative.

40 Alex English Lupe Aisha Joe Independent Practice 1. George has two sunflowers in his garden, shown in the picture. The taller flower is 62 inches tall. Estimate the height of the shorter sunflower. 2. Casey is baking cookies. She has put 9 cookies on the cookie sheet as shown. Estimate the total number of cookies Casey can fit on this tray. 3. Ms. Marquez is putting up pictures the students in her art class have painted. Her display boards are shown below. She has put up 7 pictures on the smaller board.

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