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By Alexey V. Shchepetilov

The current monograph offers a brief and concise creation to classical and quantum mechanics on two-point homogenous Riemannian areas, with empahsis on areas with consistent curvature. bankruptcy 1-4 give you the easy notations from differential geometry for learning two-body dynamics in those areas. bankruptcy five bargains with the matter of discovering explicitly invariant expressions for the two-body quantum Hamiltonian. bankruptcy 6 addresses one-body difficulties in a critical strength. bankruptcy 7 experiences the classical counterpart of the quantum procedure of bankruptcy five. bankruptcy eight investigates a few purposes within the quantum realm, specifically for the coulomb and oscillator potentials.

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Similarly, operators 1 ξeα , α = 1, . . , 7, ξ ∈ Ca , 2 1 : ξ → (ξeβ )eα , 1 α < β 7, ξ ∈ Ca 2 Rα : ξ → Rα,β are generators of the right spinor representation of the group Spin(8). t. the scalar product in Ca. 4 The Model of the Projective Cayley Plane 17 Formulae above define operators Lα,β , Rα,β also for 1 β < α 7. If Ca is the space of pure imaginary octonions, u ∈ Ca , ξ ∈ Ca, then due to the alternativity of Ca: ξu · u = ξu2 = −ξ|u|2 = −|u|2 ξ = u · uξ . For u = eα + eβ , 1 α<β 7 it holds −2ξ = −ξ|eα + eβ |2 = ξ(eα + eβ ) · (eα + eβ ) = ξeα · eα + ξeα · eβ + ξeβ · eα + ξeβ · eβ = −ξ + ξeα · eβ + ξeβ · eα − ξ and ξeα ·eβ +ξeβ ·eα = 0.

The octonionic conjugation ι : Ca → Ca acts as ι(e0 ) ≡ e0 = e0 , ι(ei ) ≡ ei = −ei , i = 1, . . , 7 and is extended by linearity ¯ Im ξ := 1 (ξ − ξ) ¯ be the real and the over whole Ca. Let Re ξ := 12 (ξ + ξ), 2 imaginary parts of ξ ∈ Ca. Define the scalar product in Ca by the formula: 1 ¯ = Re(ξη) ¯ = Re(¯ η ξ + ξη) η ξ) ∈ R and the norm by the formula η, ξ = (¯ 2 1/2 . In the algebra Ca every two elements generate an associative η = η, η subalgebra and the following central Moufang identity is valid: u · xy · u = ux · yu, u, x, y ∈ Ca .

Tk ) with commutative variables t1 , . . , tk . 14), the polynomial P1 (t1 , . . , tk ) is also nontrivial. 14) one gets that P1 (g1 , . . , gk ) = 0 due to the expansion g = p ⊕ k. Therefore any relation for generators π2 ◦ λ(g1 ), . . , π2 ◦ λ(gk ) of the algebra U (g)K /(U (g)k)K modulo commutator relations and relations of lower degrees corresponds to the relation for homogeneous generators g1 , . . , gk of the commutative algebra S(p)K . We call such relations the relations of the second type.

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