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By Wen Hua

Cosmetic surgical procedure in China has grown speedily lately of dramatic social transition. dealing with fierce pageant in all spheres of lifestyle, increasingly more girls ponder plastic surgery as an funding to realize "beauty capital" to extend possibilities for social and profession success.

Building on wealthy ethnographic info, this ebook provides the views of girls who've passed through plastic surgery, illuminating the aspirations in the back of their offerings. Wen Hua explores how turbulent financial, sociocultural, and political adjustments in China because the Nineteen Eighties have produced titanic nervousness that's skilled either mentally and corporeally. This booklet will attract readers who're attracted to gender stories, China experiences, anthropology and sociology of the physique, and cultural studies.

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Surgery for purely aesthetic reasons was mostly prohibited, and was in any case restricted to a very small number of people, mainly actresses. Zhang Disheng recalls the situation of cosmetic surgery in the 1960s and 1970s: During the 1960s, cosmetic surgery was strictly controlled. Only some special people could receive cosmetic surgery. With permission from the City Culture Bureau, I performed cosmetic surgery such as doubleeyelid surgery, surgery to remove bags around the eyes, and face-lifts on some famous actresses and actors to keep them looking young.

Song Ruyao and Zhang Disheng returned to China in 1948, when the Kuomintang was defeated by the Communists. Both Song and Zhang devoted their lives to teaching and developing the specialty of plastic surgery in China and they were widely regarded as the founders of plastic surgery in China. The early development of plastic surgery was linked to the emerging discourse of modernization in China. At the turn of the twentieth century, with increasing contact with the West, ideas of modernization and science became widespread in China.

According to Farquhar, the omnipresent nationalism of the reform period insures that the ideological legacy of Mao inhabits people’s mundane practices and embodied habits in post-Mao China. The study illustrates that economic reforms do not necessarily imply the retreat of the state from everyday life. While we should be aware of the continuing significant role of the state in shaping people’s bodily pleasure as Farquhar argues, she might be overestimating the role of nationalism in the reform period.

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