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By Morihiro Saito

This detailed variation of the Takemusu Aikido technical sequence provides an ancient evaluation of the Founder's aikido thoughts from the time of the mid-1930s in the course of the Iwama interval following global battle II. it really is in keeping with technical fabric inside the handbook entitled Budo released in 1938 by means of Morihei Ueshiba supplemented via special remark by means of Morihiro Saito Shihan. The technical fabric during this quantity contains preparatory workouts, easy suggestions, knife (tantodori), and sword-taking recommendations (tachidori), sword vs. sword types (ken tai ken), mock-bayonet (juken) recommendations, and completing routines (shumatsu dosa).

Takemusu Aikido precise version additionally encompasses a interesting essay via Aikido magazine Editor-in-chief Stanley Pranin at the background and history of the ebook of Morihei Ueshiba's prewar handbook Budo containing newly-discovered findings!

Morihiro Saito, is a ninth measure black belt and writer of the hugely acclaimed technical sequence, conventional Aikido. Saito Sensei enrolled as a scholar of aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba in 1946. one of many art's most appropriate technicians, he used to be the stated authority on aikido guns education. Saito Sensei operated Ueshiba's deepest dojo in Iwama, Japan and served as mother or father of the Aiki Shrine for over 30 years. He traveled greatly in the course of the international educating his entire aikido equipment in the course of his lengthy educating profession.

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B Initiate the movement by advancing with your right foot while vigorously extending your right tegatana into your partner's face and, at the same time, execute an atemi to his side with your left hand. Your partner blocks your shomenuchi strike with his right hand to protect his face. CD Immediately grab his right elbow with your left hand while pushing his wrist down with your right tegatana. Then hold his right wrist with your right hand. Keep holding his right elbow firmly with your left hand and unbalance him by twisting your hips and bringing his arm down in front of your abdomen.

In Budo it says, Pay attention to your rear, meaning you should look behind while turning. Another opponent might be standing behind you. If you do not turn a full 180 degrees or if you keep looking at your opponent, you will not be able to release your hand. The Founder says in Budo, Grab your partner's collar from behind (or push his lower back) with your left hand. Step through with your right foot and throw him by pushing his neck down with your inside right elbow. The Founder taught this way through his last days.

Com Shomenuchi sankyo urawaza B C E F A Face your partner in ai hanmi. B Initiate the movement by vigorously extending your right tegatana into your partner's face while advancing forward with your left foot and aligning the toes of your left foot with the toes of your partner's right foot. At the same time, execute an atemi to his side with your left hand. He blocks your right hand with his right hand to protect his face. C Grab your partner's right elbow firmly with your left hand, while cutting his right hand down with your right tegatana and, at the same time, pivot on your left foot bringing your right foot to the rear.

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