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Combined with Min. of Food) Ld Carrington 5 Nov 51–18 Oct 54 R. Nugent 5 Nov 51–9Jan 57 Earl St Aldwyn 18 Oct 54–9 Jan 57 H. Nicholls 7 Apr 55–9 Jan 57 Ld DE L’ISLE & DUDLEY 31 Oct 51 N. BIRCH 20 Dec 55 U-S. N. Birch 3 Nov 51 G. Ward 29 Feb 52 C. Soames 20 Dec 55 Colonies O. LYTTELTON 28 Oct 51 A. LENNOX-BOYD 28 Jul 54 Min. A. LENNOX-BOYD 2 Nov 51 H. HOPKINSON 7 May 52 J. HARE 20 Dec 55 J. MACLAY 18 Oct 56 U-S. O. Ld ISMAY 28 Oct 51 M of SALISBURY 12 Mar 52 Vt SWINTON 24 Nov 52 E of HOME 7 Apr 55 U-S.

GRIGG (C) 21 Nov 44 Deputy Ld Moyne (C) 27 Aug 42–28 Jan 44 Min. of State Min. J. LLEWELLIN (C) 22 Nov 42 resident B. SMITH (Lab) 11 Nov 43 Washington for Supply Min. Vt SWINTON (C) 8 Jun 42 resident H. BALFOUR (C) 21 Nov 44 W. Africa *MP. Not a member of the House of Lords. +Not a member of the House of Commons. 1 Member of War Cabinet. ) A. GREENWOOD1 (Lab) 11 May 40–22 Feb 42 (not in war cabinet) Sir W. -Gen. Vt CRANBORNE* (C) 15 May 40 (office vacant 3 Oct 40) Ld HANKEY (Ind) 20 Jul 41 Sir W.

Gen. Ld CHERWELL Pensions Sir W. S. W. H. CROOKSHANK Ass. W. Anstruther-Gray Production O. LYTTELTON (& Pres. S. J. S. A. Chapman T. Galbraith Supply Sir A. S. R. Grimston Town & W. S. R. Trade O. LYTTELTON (& Min. S. C. Waterhouse Sec. Over- S. Summers seas Trade 25 May 45 25 May 45 26 May 45 25 May 45 25 May 45 War U-S. S. War Transp. S. Sir J. GRIGG Ld Croft M. Petherick Ld LEATHERS 25 May 45 26 May 45 26 May 45 25 May 45 P. Thorneycroft D. SANDYS R. -Gen. Sir D. -Gen. Sir W. MONCKTON+ Ld Advoc.

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