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47. I have also included a discussion of Jub. 8:11–12, in which an untitled book by Noah is mentioned. 48. The material in cols. 2–5 of 1QapGen is not presented there as part of a book of Noah. 18 NOAH AND HIS BOOK(S) most probably derived from it in Jub. 21;49 (3) the magico-medical material that Noah wrote in a book, according to Jub. 10:1–14, which material and attribution are also found in Sefer Asaf Harofe; and (4) the tabula gentium that Noah is said to have written in a book (Jub. 10:11–12).

For example, 67:4–5 locates the “burning valley” in the west among the mountains of metal. This combination of elements is found in chapters 52–54: Enoch is swept away toward the west, where he sees mountains of metal (52:1–2). Next to these mountains is a deep valley in which the angels of punishment are making Satan’s instruments (53:1–3). Enoch then turns to “another part of the earth,” where he sees a burning valley into which the kings and mighty were being cast (54:1–2). To the contrary, in chapter 67 the fallen angels are cast into the burning valley that lies in the west among the mountains of metal.

Cf. Jub. 10:14) Intriguingly, Sefer Asaf Harofe adds two further book of Noah references of its own in this passage. At the opening it reads: “This is the book of remedies that the ancient sages copied from the book of Shem son of Noah. ”33 The mention of Mount Lubar is a distinctive tradition, and this name of “one of the mountains of Ararat” only occurs elsewhere in ancient Jewish literature in Jubilees and 4QpseudoDanielb. It is mentioned in the Byzantine Chronography of George Synkellos as the place of Noah’s burial (cf.

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