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European Journal of Plant Pathology. 2005 Dec; 113(4):417-435. V. E. 2006. : Interactions between the host, the pathogen, the biocontrol agent, and soil organic matter quality. Phytopathology 96 (2): 186-189. C. G. 1996. Mixed genotypes combined with copper sprays to manage bacterial spot of bell peppers. Phytopathology 86 (5): 502-507. Kyu Cho, Han and Koyama, Atsushi. 1997. Korean Natural Farming: Indigenous Microorganisms and Vital Power of Crop/Livestock. Korean Natural Farming Association, 172 p.

2002. Influence of EM bokashi on nodulation, physiological characters and yield of peanut in nature farming fields. Journal of sustainable agriculture, 19 (4):105 -112. Zhu, Y. ; Chen, H. ; Fan, J. ; Wang, Y. ; Chen, J. ; Fan, J. ; Yang, S. ; Hu, L. ; Mew, T. ; Teng, P. ; Wang, Z. , and Mundt, C. C. Genetic Diversity and Disease Control in Rice. Nature. 2000 Aug 17; 406(6797):718-722. com/. 2004.

Bokashi made with amount of This can replace the manure by ½ . entire sugar mudpress requires 1 requirement of the month to cool off recipe as well as a (rather than 14 days) proportion of the due to the time required manure and rice bran. for complete breakdown of the organic matter. Molasses Replace the These ingredients are Sugar sugar with equivalent, use molasses by whichever is easier to reducing the obtain. quantity by ½. 5X letting coconut sap coconut tree greater volume partially ferment in the required to replace FFJ sap) of tuba.

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