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By Gavin D. Flood

"Kashmir Saivism" refers to monistic Hindu Saiva traditions which built from the ninth to eleventh centuries B.C. This publication locations the belief of the "body" within the Saiva international of non secular which means by way of exhibiting how Siva, equated with natural attention, is assumed to turn into embodied within the universe via a strategy of emanation. The textual content seeks to teach the significance of the physique - suggestion to comprise natural realization, and the cosmos, within the yogic and formality paths of transformation; those paths lead the monistic Saiva to the popularity of his id with splendid cognizance and the notice that his physique is coterminous with the universe.

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Kula, The use Tantra the body system, practice of the Trika Saiva, of a mandala trident pervades one's the in the corresponds the Trika form to as which focus is the of Siva's of of the second their normative body. trident. the The Trika This cosmos realization identity with supreme consciousness aim of involves the visualization levels Saiva's the and of is similarly liturgical system, the secret Kula liturgy, which involves love-making between the yogi examine and here yoginT how the who 'become' secret Siva tradition and is Sakti.

Body or cosmos is involves and its showing how constrained an by examination relation to the gross the of the or physical body which is thought to be homologous with the cosmos. This homology is expressed in two ways: in the 'vertical axis' model in which the vertical axis of the body corresponds and the to the vertical axis of the cosmos; 'central locus' model in which the heart is the centre of the cosmos, consciousness. identified These two with models the of body of homology are important for Saiva yoga and liturgy.

Each level or world of the cosmos is the result of the contraction of supreme consciousness, while the location of individualized consciousness within that hierarchy is the result of the fruition of the traces action. or The particular determined. progession seeds Karman, which of particular, experient's however, appears Consciousness is not limited by karman, of constraint or constrained the terms contraction a karman certain beyond stage this of level albeit su pra-ka rmic. which means the lower worlds below is although it has some degree consciousness, within cosmological at located contraction, Particularized location is a factor in cosmogonic only manifestation.

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