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By Mark Elbroch, Eleanor Marks, C. Diane Boretos

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• Songbirds, waterfowl, owls, shorebirds, warblers, woodpeckers, nightjars, birds of prey • Dozens of feather teams photographed in colour
A sighting within the box is only one method birders can establish fowl species. Observant nature-lovers can observe what birds are the place through reading tracks, trails, and quite a few chicken signal: discarded feathers, feeding leftovers and caches, pellets, nests, droppings, and skulls and bones. This totally illustrated guide--the first of its style for North American birds--presents thorough and simple guide for deciding upon chicken households or person species through cautious exam of the original signal they depart in the back of. It additionally bargains keys to the birds' habit within the wild.

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Metatarsal weakly registers or is absent altogether. Similar species: Other towhees, especi a l ly the eastern towhee. Canyon towhees tend to run, and spotted towhees far more often hop. Toes 2 and 4 appear longer than those of robins and mimic thrushes. TW F/s-2 1/s in. 4 em) Trai l : Hop Run Strides 3-8 in. 3 em) Strides 31/4-5112 in. 2- 1 4 em)

Tra i l : Run Strides 31/2-51/2 in. 9- 1 4 em) Strides 5-8 in. 3 em) Skip �· t White-crowned Sparrow (Zonotrichia leucophrys) Track: F/1 6-1 5/s i n . 6-4. 1 em) L x 9/1 6-3/4 in. 9 em) W Classic bird track. Smal l . Anisodactyl. Metatarsal weakly registers or is absent altogether. Savannah sparrow trail: running in sand. Tracks and Trails White-breasted nuthatch track (L); trail: hopping in mud (R). 1 ' -���� j \�� ' White-breasted Nuthatch (Sitta carolinensis) Track: 1 1/2-1 5/s i n . 8-4. 3/s i n .

Track: 7/a-1 in. 5 em) L x 5/1 6-3/a in. 8-1 em) W Classic bird track. Very smal l . Anisodactyl. Metatarsal weakly registers or is absent altogether. Toes 1 and 3 often curve i n toward the center of the trail, which is typical for fi nch species. Similar species: Kinglet tracks are very similar. Other fi nches share the same curved track characteristics and should be distinguished by size and behaviors. Barn swallows should be easily d isti ngu ished using ecologica l cl ues. TW 1 -1 911 6 in.

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