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Bisexual two-sexed, with both stamens and pistils. bitunicate having two walls. blade the expanded part of a leaf or petal. , endive is grown this way). blastic one of two basic kinds of conidiogenesis. There is a marked enlargement of a recognisable conidium before it is delimited by a septum. blasting a symptom of plant disease characterised by shedding of unopened buds, classically, the failure to produce fruit or seed blastoconidium see blastospore. blastomyces human pathogen. The fungus is commonly found in soil.

Calcicole a plant that thrives on alkaline soil. calcifuge a plant that hates alkaline soils and will not grow in them. calcined clay clay minerals, such as montmorillonite and attapulgite, that have been fired at high temperatures to obtain absorbent, stable, granular particles, used as amendments in soil modification. Horticulture calcitic limestone cane 45 calcitic limestone a common material used for ‘liming’ soil that has an acid level that is too high. This type is most commonly used and contains calcium carbonate.

Compact layer of polysaccharide exterior to the cell wall in some bacteria. carbon fixation conversion of carbon dioxide or other single-carbon compounds to organic forms such as carbohydrates. , hemi cellulose, cellulose). carbon-nitrogen (C/N) ratio ratio of the mass of organic carbon to the mass of nitrogen in soil or organic material. carbon cycle sequence where carbon dioxide is converted to organic forms by photosynthesis or chemo-synthesis, recycled through the biosphere, with partial incorporation into sediments, and ultimately returned to its original state through respiration or combustion.

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