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By Jiří V Černý; Bedr̆ich Moldan

Special multinational individuals current examine of small catchments to envision various environmental difficulties, specifically these of acidification, woodland administration and land-use alterations. Divided into elements, it introduces theoretical ideas through a overview of atmospheric deposition and overview of weathering and erosion approaches. the second one part bargains with the technique of the given self-discipline, stressing novel ways and discussing difficulties

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A Workshop to Compare Results.

Cutting causes more rapid snowmelt in the spring which may increase peak flow rates. , 1979). Catchment experiments have provided important insights into the magnitude of the effects of forest management activities on water quality. Characteristics most affected are sediment load, dissolved nutrient concentrations, and temperature. 16 BIOGEOCHEMISTRY OF SMALL CATCHMENTS Changes in stream water nutrient concentrations following cutting vary substantially between localities. For example, in Centra] and Southern Appa]achian forests, only marginal increases in concentrations of N03 -, K+, and other constituents have been observed following cutting (Swank, ]988).

In Chapters 9-17. The results contributed considerably to better management and small catchment research often elucidated causal relationships. Very detailed studies of atmospheric deposition of acidic or acidifying substances were performed in small catchments. These contributed substantially to present knowledge of this process. Acidification of soils and surface waters and accompanying effects like leaching of nutrients, enhanced rock weathering or aluminum mobilization are further important adverse processes elucidated by studying small catchments.

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