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By Jennifer K. Wesely

It is usually acknowledged that intercourse sells, yet who will pay the cost? Jennifer Wesely probes the assets and outcomes of sexualization in women and girls s lives. delivering new insights into an everlasting challenge, she records the more and more pervasive and robust nature of raunch tradition and demonstrates how ladies are being sexualized in ways in which are extra severe and destructive than ever ahead of.

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Qxd:Brasfield 20 11/4/11 2:39 PM Page 20 Being Female women in his analysis (Bartky 1990; Diamond & Quinby 1988; Lydon 1988; Martin 1992), which risks voiding the specificity of gendered inequalities. Foucault’s discussion of normalized power similarly falls short of an interrogation of gendered power and its relationship to women’s embodiment. Diamond and Quinby (1988) point out that Foucault uses men’s writings in his work but ignores feminist research about the body. Martin (1992) takes umbrage with Foucault’s assertion of a “slackening of the hold on the body” (Foucault 1995, p.

Qxd:Brasfield 38 11/4/11 2:39 PM Page 38 Being Female gender inequality and oppression in a patriarchal society parlay into individual, institutional and structural marginalizations that contribute to women’s lived experiences. For instance, individual women can endure sexual, physical and emotional degradation or victimization, be impacted by restrictive institutional access to resources and experience structural exclusions from economic power and social capital. (Wesely 2006, p. 304) In other words, for each individual there are myriad factors that may or may not increase the risks for damaging events along the continuum.

Once a girl is hot, she should be as close to naked as possible all the time. Guys should like it. Don’t have sex. (Levy 2005, pp. 157–158) Of course, despite the latter part of this mixed-up message, adolescent girls are having sex. The pornified sexual look is a performance that garners attention, so advancing this performance into sexualized behavior will also continue to reward girls in the ways that they have been socialized to value themselves. The problem here is that “we are doing little to help them differentiate their sexual desires from their desire for attention” (Levy 2005, p.

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