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By Todd S. Brown

This gripping magazine of an organization commander from 2003 to early 2004 in essentially the most risky components of post-Hussein Iraq discusses strategies, ideas, and tactics as they advanced within the fight to keep up order and rebuild the rustic. The magazine tells of the dichotomy of strive against operations as opposed to country construction. It vividly captures the stresses of strive against and corresponding feelings as they collect through the years in a strive against outfit. It reinforces the correct of camaraderie between infantrymen and bargains with the emotional effect of wasting buddies in conflict. knowing those may possibly end up valuable to people who courageously serve our kingdom and may proceed to undergo them during this and destiny conflicts.

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Matt already finished his change of command inventories. The eastern half of the country looks very much like NTC. The mountain range to our east looks like the north wall of the central corridor. Our vehicles are fueled, and we are just waiting for the artillery guys and 110 CAV to move out. I guess 1-10 hasn’t crossed the river, so we are going to wait awhile. They are supposed to give the MEK the 48-hour ultimatum for capitulation tomorrow. They say they are very disciplined and will comply.

Hopefully, we get better facilities there. I ate an enchilada MRE to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Very festive. “May Day Parade” en route to the MEK capitulation. I believe this is the city of Tuz. 7 May: Right now in the midst of the 177-kilometer movement to the Tuz Airfield and then south to the Iranian border. We are in a cluster since 1-10 CAV [Cavalry] got interspersed with us on the east side of the Jabal Hamrin Ridge and 1-12 IN has a bunch of vehicles broken down. I don’t really know if we have a vehicle recovery plan.

It was pretty funny. I fell out the bottom of it as I was kicking it, and then ripped the top half all to shreds … Comedy Central breaking down a plywood door. 50-cal. ammo and a bunch of trenches to defend the police station. Pat Stobbe then had a Bradley knock down another wall, and we moved over to the Ba’ath Party headquarters building. We found a bunker full of 82-mm. mortars and shells for recoilless rifles. Everything looked old and rusted. About this time, an ex-general Samarii [General Wafik Samarii, former chief of Military Intelligence] showed up and told us the police were good and invited us to a meeting of the town’s important people.

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