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By National Research Council, Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences, Board on Mathematical Sciences and Their Applications, Committee on Directions for the AFOSR Mathematics and Space Sciences Directorate Related to Information Science and Technology

The U.S. Air strength is constructing new strength features acceptable to an rising array of threats. it truly is transparent that advances in details technological know-how and expertise (IS&T) are crucial for many of those new features. hence, the Air strength is discovering it essential to refocus its IS&T easy learn application to supply more suitable aid for attaining those pursuits. to aid this attempt, the AFOSR requested the NRC for a examine to create a imaginative and prescient and plan for the IS&T-related courses in the Office's arithmetic and house technological know-how Directorate. This record presents an evaluation of simple study wishes for Air strength platforms and communications, software program, info administration and integration, and human interactions with IS&T structures. The record additionally deals a collection of priorities for simple IS&T examine, and an research of investment mechanisms its help.

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It is still very difficult to integrate rapidly expanding data streams from multiple sources in a timely manner. —Commanders often do not have a clear, accurate, real-time picture of the battlespace. —The military still cannot assess, plan, and direct air and space operations from anywhere or from multiple locations in near realtime, something the Air Force believes will be necessary in the future to give the commander the greatest flexibility to meet national tasking. pdf. pdf. pdf. 9Available BACKGROUND 29 —Computer network and information systems are often vulnerable to attack.

One could then consider combining the information of different packets in the interior of the network in order to increase throughput, even in the case of a lossless network. This type of network routing has significant potential application in military networks, where links are unreliable to begin with and there are also adversarial attacks. The main theoretical underpinnings of this area should be developed by merging algebraic theory, networks, and stochastic algorithms to estab- 46 BASIC RESEARCH FOR AIR FORCE IS&T NEEDS lish the fundamental performance characteristics of network coding.

Of these, only the satellite system Milstar has adequate AJ capability to deal with jammers that employ modern technologies. Milstar succeeds by deploying spread spectrum and antenna nulling techniques. However, Milstar was designed 44 BASIC RESEARCH FOR AIR FORCE IS&T NEEDS for voice communications. When data networking protocols are put on top on this physical layer medium to provide data services in new DOD networks, such as those described by the Transformational Communication Architecture, new vulnerabilities have surfaced that significantly weaken the system’s AJ capability.

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