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By Alex Moore, Philip J. S. Richardson

Now in its 10th version, this vintage and accomplished guide has been revised to convey it modern in response to alterations at the dance flooring and within the principles of dance competitions. The Quickstep, Waltz, Foxtrot, and Tango are all illustrated and defined in nice element.

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Some advanced dancers tend to let this toe leave the floor as it closes to a side step (for instance, between 1 and 3 of a Lady's Natural Turn, Waltz) and the consequent lack of control results in an untidy closing of the feet. 2. In a succession of backward movements as used in the Foxtrot, if the Footwork on 1. (LF) is Toe, Heel, when the LF moves back for the third step it will move back with the Heel on the floor, and with the Toe slightly raised as in a normal backward walk. If the Footwork on 1.

The Heel Pivot is rather too difficult for beginners, but the method of turning described below is similar to a Heel Pivot, and is better than substituting a Chasse Turn, which was formerly considered to be the only alternative open to a novice. A full description of the Heel Pivot is given on page 31. The Quarter Turn to Right is normally commenced facing diagonally to the wall, although it may be commenced facing the LOD when preceded by a figure ending in that direction. QUARTER TURN TO RIGHT Man 1.

Sway to the R on 2 and 3. Amount of Turn. When commenced diagonally to the wall near a corner, make three-eighths of a turn on the first three steps. On the Pull Step (4, 5, and 6) make either a quarter turn to face the new LOD or three-eighths to face diagonally to the wall of the new LOD. Footwork. 1 H T. 2 T. 3 T H. 4 T H. 5 H, IE of foot, whole foot. 6 H. The Quickstep I Natural Turn (Man) General Notes. If the Natural Turn is used along the side of the room, the 5th step is wider, and then close LF to RF without weight.

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