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By Ted Gambordella

Study jiu jitsu strikes that paintings on your again backyard to win on the street. It doesn't do you any reliable to simply perform your strikes within the health club or dojo. study what rather works within the yard to win within the street.
The combating Stance.
Double Leg Takedown to a facet Mount. Double Leg Counter.
Amplified Guillotine Choke. Counter to the Guillotine.
The uncomplicated Guillotine.
The Crucifix.
Ankle Pick.
Sprawl. Sprawl take a seat Out. The take a seat Out.
Putting the Opponent on his Back.
Taking the again. break out from Taking the Back.
Mata Leo.
Escape from the Rear Choke.
Ankle Locks.
Arm Bar from the Back.
Double Leg to Knee Lock.
Head Lock with Arm Lock.
The Key Lock. Elbow Lock.
Head Lock Submission.
Side keep an eye on Head Lock Arm Bar.
American from the Front.
Leg Lock from facet Control.
The Sweep from the ground to Get the Mount.
The leaping Guillotine.
Karate and Jiu Jitsu Techniques.
Bear Hug unlock. Head Lock unlock. Wrist seize Release.
Two Hand Wrist seize Escapes.
Front Choke free up. Rear Choke get away.

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Ko Hung claimed the methods and recipes contained in these three books were successfully applied by Cheng Yin and Tso-tz’u on Mount T’ung, in Lu-Chiang. Ko Hung was an avid writer, spending many years in solitude creating his work. His Pao P’u Tzu was written in two parts, the inner chapters (Nei P’ien) and the outer chapters (Wai P’ien). The inner chapters contain twenty scrolls and deal with Taoism and alchemy. The outer chapters contain fifty scrolls and deal with Confucianism and morality. Combined with his poetry and inscriptions of another hundred scrolls, his Spiritual Immortals, his autobiography, and all his commentaries on the Five Classics, Ko Hung wrote more than three hundred scrolls.

The idea of transmogrification has always existed in China and in the rest of Asia. In the previous passage Ko Hung attempts to clarify that even heaven cannot fully provide an undeviating appearance or dictate unusual changes occurring in a person. Peng-tzu (Old Peng) is said to have lived for more than eight hundred years, but a child can die prematurely. Why such divergence in life spans? We cannot assume that there is some rule governing life spans, nor can we believe the same about the changes a person might undergo.

Within his attributed work the Nei Ching (Inner Classic), we find many references that go back further than his time. One of these references is to the Western Royal Mother (Hsi Wang Mu), who, along with her three female attendants (Multihued Girl, Mysterious Girl, and Plain Girl), provided the emperor with instructions on sexuality for the attainment of immortality. We also find his physician Ch’i Po giving him advice, which has become the basis for acupuncture, qigong, yin-yang and Five Element (Wu Hsing) theory, and preventive Chinese medicine.

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